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Project Description
Teachers diary is application realizing electronic teacher's notepad with student marks. Current localization of the application is in czech and english language. Default set of marks is for the Czech republic (1,2,3,4,5), but this feature is fully editable and can be changed e.g. to the US set (A,B,C,D,F).

Main features:

  • Evidence of school-years
  • Evidence of classes
  • Evidence of subjects
  • Evidence of students in the classes and subjects
  • Editable and customizable types of marks (1-5, A-E, etc.)
  • Evidence of mark groups in the subjects
  • Evidence of concrete marks of the concrete students, with grouping and mean calculation
  • Export to txt/html - export of students, their marks and overview of the class
  • Backup/recovery to protect data
  • Support for multiple databases for multiple users.

Examples of image of the application

Main window of the program

Main application window

Inserting marks for all students in the current class.

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